Pacojet Care Catering Recipe Book

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  • The Pacojet Care Catering Recipe Book is for chefs and family members interested in producing pureed foods for persons with chewing and swallowing difficulties.
  • In this book you will find a wide variety of dietary options that can be prepared with ease using the Pacojet.
  • Illustrated with simple, step-by-step instructions.
  • From food preparation to the processing of special diets.
  • Explains the applications of the different recipe forms and textures.
  • The range of natural thickening agents will be explored to show how their usage affects various special diets and food consistencies.
  • Many recipes will serve as inspiration for your own food creations and new serving styles.
  • Create tasty and balanced diets tailored to the most varied of needs of residents or patients.
  • From coffee, tea, oatmeal drinks and other beverages to finger foods, appetisers and main courses through to desserts.
  • This book covers the full spectrum of menu options and describes how you can easily create different types of diets from a basic recipe.
  • Enjoy all the familiar flavours.
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